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We Work With US Businesses To Get Their Message Seen

We pay everyday car drivers for driving with an advertisement on their car. This allows advertisers to get their message seen in an original way and reach a wider area of people, while also allowing our programs’ car drivers to make money for something they do already.


Drivers sign up to Advert on Car

Fill in the short application form here. We ask for a few details about your car, lifestyle and driving habits so that we can match you to appropriate advertisers.

The Brand & Driver matching process begins

We find advertisers that want to advertise on cars like yours and let you know as soon as there is a match. If you agree to go ahead, we will arrange for the adverts to be installed on to your car.

Drive & Get Paid

Once you’re advertising, we deposit money each month into your bank account and you are free to spend it on what you like!

Drive For a Brand You Like and Get Paid!

Average Joe

Our drivers are everyday people who drive around normally with ads on their car.

United States Owned

Advert on Car is 100% United States owned and operated

Customised Advertiser Campaigns

We put forward a customised proposal to advertisers. This gives us the power to tailor a campaign to individual business needs.

Exposure to your brand!

Cars are seen on average from 5 seconds to as long as five minutes, allowing for greater exposure of the ad to the customer.

Advert on Car Manages Everything

Advert on Car manages the whole process. We provide a list of suitable drivers for advertisers to choose from, install the advertising, and report back with analysis of the campaign. All advertisers have to do is wait for the influx of customers after they see the advertising.

Cost Effective Brand Impressions

Cars effectively seek out an audience with the average car travelling 16,000 km per year and seen by up to 1.7 million people.

"By far the best decision I've ever made. Our ads are seen within the local community and AdvertonCar truly understand the value of brand exposure. I would highly recommend trialing AdvertonCar as it's had a positive ROI for our Real Estate franchise."

− Jason Smith, FCB Homes

"The installation process was simple and I was making $500 a month for doing nothing out of the 'norm'. The most looks I would get would be in traffic lining up to get over the George Washington Bridge - I totally get why Advert on Car is so successful. "

− Selena Canady, AdvertonCar Driver

"Advertising in Las Vegas using AdvertonCar was the best marketing decision we've ever made. We see local cars drive near our coffee shop and business has never been better! We've become more involved with the local community and our drivers seem to be brand ambassadors as well as brand advertisers. "

− Kevin Stewart, Vesta Coffee

How We Work

Our easy process:

Driver Application

We ask some simple questions about where you normally drive


We then match you to a brand that likes your driving habits

Drive and Get Paid

We wrap your car and send you a cheque each month


We take the ad off at the end of the campaign

Become an Advert on Car Driver.

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